Moment of Madness

Moment of Madness

A moment of madness

The only survivor of a demonic attack of a Dahl research and development facility limps his way to a computer terminal of the facility’s main AI. His clothes ripped in places from his body and a makeshift splint on his left arm made from scrap bits of metal.  Reaching the terminal and booting up the AI the survivor tells the AI to recount the invasion of earth.

…The insurgence event is the name given to the demonic evasion of earth… 

What a shock” the survivor sarcastically replies.

…Before the invasion of earth multiple portals began to randomly appear in the sky around the planet, after a week of the first portal discovery an uncountable demonic horde started spewing from them and the invasion began. 3 years on the only superpower that remains is the USA, although their powers have been diminished due to the demonic damage and larger swipes of land consumed by the invaders. Over 60 percent of humanity is dead, with the remaining survivors living in small settlements frequently been attacked by demons… the AI finishes

“Tell me more about these portals” the survivor asks

…. The portals are believed to have a secondary purpose…to terraform the surrounding area and mutating the flora and fauna physically altering them to suit the requirements of the invasion. The is an unknown number of portals although there are believed to be in the hundreds… only three portals have been shut down all three are located in the USA…  “That enough tells me where the remaining Dahl corporate board is” commanded the Survivor.

…. The remaining Dahl corporate board is located in a nearby facility… The AI finished the sentence and then produces a device for the survivor to locate the facility. “This will do, AI shut down” commanded the survivor.

The survivor after shutting down the AI then heads to the facilities armory, a set of Rune amour catches his eye “looks like they completed project Rune before everything went straight to hell” jokes the survivor to no one in particular. After taking the armor and putting it on he then chooses various weapons from the armor and heads out. “Why would they not have vehicles stationed in this facility, “ the survivor said angrily “I guess I am going to have to head out on foot,” the survivor said defeatedly.

The survivor opened the main door to the outside world, he then left the facility wandering through the ruins that were once the city. At the initial stage of the invasion, the city was reduced to ruins, with many of the skyscrapers toppled and the roads reduced to rubble.  As he wanders through the city, he is getting more and more nervous, “why are they not here? no demonic attacks! where did they go? before we hid out in the research lad they were everywhere”  the survivor questioned.  As he continues through the city the surroundings seem more and more strange.   At first, rubble began to seemingly lift and hover mid-air, then more and more cracks and scars in the ground appeared with the red glow of magma underneath them. Further on strange, otherworldly and nightmarish plants appear to grow out of the cracks in the concrete. “These things usually only happen around a portal and there is no portal here. This only means they are constructing another one here” he said worriedly. Almost as an answer to this, a ROTTEN jumped up behind him charging at him with a spear the survivor quickly jumped out of the way while the ROTTEN frustratingly growled at him. “So, they finally decided to show up the boredom has been killing me”. The ROTTEN snarled and adjusted his footing, preparing for a second attack, the survivor finally got a good look at it. It was relatively tall with a hunched over back wearing dark red metal-plated armor. Its head was beast-like, it had a mouth full of fangs and 2 small red eyes.  The survivor then proceeded to blast the ROTTEN away with his plasma rifle and then carried on his journey nonchalantly, the ROTTEN’s weapons were no match to the plasma rifle. “I am going to have to find and stop them from creating another portal before I reach the other Dahl facility,” the survivor said to himself. After traveling further and further into the city, the other-worldly sights became more and more common.  

“What’s that noise up ahead?” he wonders to himself. He begins to hear demonic chanting as he gets closer to the city center.  Getting closer to the demonic chanting believing this is where the portal will be. He finds a horrible sight of thousands of demons surrounding and chanting around a blob of flesh. The flesh was been molded by a humanoid wasp-like creature known as the demonic somcerers. They were creating a new hell portal. Before he could react or move at all he was slashed in the back by another ROTTEN. The survivor screams and turns to face him. After he realises what attacked him, he decimated the ROTTEN with the Pulse Cannon he grabbed from his leg holder.  After dealing with the ROTTEN the survivor blanked out and lost all vision.  When he came around and with his senses renewed, he tore through the demonic hordes in a moment of sheer madness and blind rage destroying the Portal and the Demonic somcerers.  

 “They always did say I had anger management issues” the survivor joked to himself. Ensuring that the Portal and the somcerers were totally destroyed he then continued his march to the nearby Dahl facility. After walking for what seemed like hours, he arrived at the crudely fortified gates of the Dahl facility turned resistance headquarters.   Someone shouts down from one of the watchtowers on the wall. “Hurry up and get inside before the demons tear you apart”, “victory is there for the person who refuses to stop fighting, they won’t be bothering us anymore,  ” The survivor shouted back and smiling to himself. The gate slammed shut behind him.