The Good Dragon

The Good Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a dragon called Jergo he lived in a dragon pack.  In the dragon pack when the dragons turned 19 they would go on their first hunt. But Jergo didn’t want to kill the humans he felt pity for them. One day Jergo built up his courage and said to the leader of the pack “why can’t dragons eat berries and fruits? after all, I have survived this long eating nothing but them”. The dragon leader was outraged “You don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into hunting the humans and if you think that it is best to live on berries and fruits then you can go and live outside the pack.”

After Jergo told his parents the sad news he flew to a valley where he could live in peace. As he flew to the valley he flew past a village where a girl named Alice lived. She saw the dragon and ran and told the villagers, but no one believed her, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. That night she tip toed into her mother and fathers bedroom, in this room, there was a chest near the window, Alice opened the chest, the hinges made a cranking noise and it looked like her mother was about to wake up. Alice noticed this, so she grabbed the gun immediately and jumped out the window luckily there was a pile of leaves that broke her fall. Alice re-entered the house and went into her father’s office and found the bullets for the gun in a draw in his desk.

When Allice looked out the window of the office she could have sworn she saw dragon wings flapping in the nearby valley. She knew she had to protect her family so she ran out towards the valley, firstly she had to enter the dark forest. She gulped deeply with fear and walked into the forest bravely.

Suddenly she heard a noise in the bushes.  There, to her left was a wolf walking out of the bush towards her with several other wolves behind him with snarling teeth. Alice was so shocked she dropped the gun and ran in a panic with the wolves running after her. After running for two minutes Jergo suddenly appeared in front of her, the wolves took a good look at the dragon and immediately ran away.

Alice couldn’t believe her eyes, there in front of her was a most magnificent dragon with orange and green scales.  Jergo looked down at Alice and asked do you want a ride home?